onsdag den 16. januar 2013


heey Lasnier fans! In a question to our great idol? please write a comment with your question in.. and so I collect questions for an interview with him! :-) @ benjaminlasnier

tirsdag den 8. januar 2013

Buy Everything! Yes purchase ALL possible with Benjamin Lasnier!

Now you can buy EVERYTHING possible with him!
Mugs, shirts, ball sticks and even covers for mobiles!
Just write a comment or contact me on my
email: Paulsenamalie@gmail.com

Oh Benjamin Love you!<33

lørdag den 5. januar 2013

                Welcome to Benjamin Lasniers Fansite!

Beautiful Benjamin Lasnier!
As became known on Instagram,
And as today experiencing dreams!



Many consider gradually

    he's a flash in the pan 

he disappears!

But it seems I'm not!
And there are probably many others who
does not appear!

Once a Lasniator always a Lasniator!
Yes I believe in love at first sight ...
Head over again! <33